We spent a lot of time improving our thermoplastic rubber: PER-lite was born in 2021.

The suffix "PER" comes from "PERCHA" (Gutta-percha is the name given to the rubber tree in Malaysia).

LITE stands for LIGHT (lightness)

Light and resistant: offers superior grip and flexibility even at low temperatures. In addition, it is 50% lighter than natural rubber and 100% recyclable.

H-DRY WHAT IS H-DRY? H-Dry® uses a patented one-piece construction process that creates a waterproof and breathable barrier. This impenetrable layer is heat bonded directly to the outer fabric, leaving no seams, no gaps and no water entering. With the traditional waterproof BOOTIE technology, the water enters and remains inside, collecting in the space between the lining and the upper, making them heavy and wet. H-Dry improves internal comfort, keeping you drier, lighter and more comfortable.

H - Dry Technology                                           

Bootie Technology


• Extreme waterproofing

• Superior breathability

• Totally windproof

• Constant insulation

• Perfect fit

• The strength of the outer material and seams is increased due to the layering effect

As sustainability follower, we aim to pioneer new solutions for sustainable development while continuing to shape our business responsibly and increase our economic success. This ambition encompasses all of our company’s activities – along the entire value chain.



Upper: Textile nylon from 100% RECYCLED PET

Lining: Synthetic wool from 100% RECYCLED PET

Plastic component (uniloop/cordlock/eyelet/etc…): from 100% RECYCLED PA (Nylon)

Laces: from 100% RECYCLED PE/PA

Upper elements/strap closure: NATURAL RECYCLED RUBBER

Velcro closure from 100% RECYCLED PA (Nylon)

OUTSOLE: SEBS (recyclable)

SOLE: SEBS + 10% CORK (recyclable)

In addition: we don’t use glue to make the upper and to finalize the shoe. Only with stitching it’s easy to disassembly and recycle it

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